Sweet Adeline of the Year

Each Chorus Calendar Year the membership of Valley Forge Chorus elects a member for the honor of Sweet Adeline of the Year.  Nominees must meet the following qualification:
  •  Is and has been a member of the Valley Forge Chorus for at least one year
  •  Is an outstanding participant in Sweet Adeline activities
  •  Is dependable and accomplishes in any job assigned without thought of personal recognition or prestige
  •  Has promoted chapter harmony by being friendly and helpful to its members and to newcomers
  •  Shows a willingness to cooperate and use her capabilities where needed in any phase of Sweet Adeline activities
  •  Upholds our organization and its ideas
  •  Her name should be synonymous with "Sweet Adeline"

Ashley Hazen

Sweet Adeline of The Year 2021


Awarded to Ashley Hazen

Ashley Hazen in recognition of her outstanding work and dedication to the Valley Forge Chorus.   Ashley's consistent willingness to serve the needs of the chorus, her ever present Valley Forge pride, and her seemingly effortless ability to exceed expectations in various leadership positions, are an inspiration and example to us all.  

Debbie Kirsch

Sweet Adeline Of The Year 2020


Awarded to Debbie Kirsch

Debbie Kirsch has gone above and beyond keeping our chorus focused musically and was instrumental with maintaining our musical excellence over this past year.  When we were without a Director she was an integral part of keeping the chorus moving forward by directing our weekly rehearsals, directing our community performances, and by attending committee meetings to help shape the goals and direction of our group.  She has never once looked for public recognition or accolades for all that she has done yet we think it’s time for us to publicly recognize her for her tireless dedication to our organization.  Congratulations Deb!  

Annamarie Filippone

Sweet Adeline Of The Year 2019


Awarded to Annamarie Filippone

Annamarie Filippone has been described by her peers as fearless and the very definition of grace under pressure.  Her leadership style is one of quiet strength and she has used her considerable skills in this regard to help navigate our chorus through a very challenging time.  She has overcome all obstacles and hurdles with calm compassion and always with the best interest of VFC at the forefront of her mind and with maturity beyond her years.  She has a captivating smile and beautiful voice can be seen and heard on VFC's fabulous front row.

Congratulations to AnnaMarie for being honored as our 2019 Sweet Adeline of the Year.


Anita McLarin

Sweet Adeline Of The Year 2018


Awarded to Anita McLarin

2018 Sweet Adeline Of The Year recipient

Janet Klik

Sweet Adeline Of The Year 2017


Awarded to Janet Klik

2017 Sweet Adeline Of The Year recipient

Darexa Cosnett

Sweet Adeline Of The Year 2016


Awarded to Darexa Cosnett

Darexa Cosnett was our 2016 Sweet Adeline Of The Year recipient

Anne Winner

Sweet Adeline Of The Year 2015


Awarded to Anne Winner

2015 Sweet Adeline Of The Year recipient

Debbie Kirsch

Sweet Adeline Of The Year 2014


Awarded to Debbie Kirsch

2014 Sweet Adeline Of The Year recipient

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