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Sweet Adeline of the Year

Each Chorus Calendar Year the membership of Valley Forge Chorus elects a member for the honor of Sweet Adeline of the Year.  Nominees must meet the following qualification:
  •  Is and has been a member of the Valley Forge Chorus for at least one year
  •  Is an outstanding participant in Sweet Adeline activities
  •  Is dependable and accomplishes in any job assigned without thought of personal recognition or prestige
  •  Has promoted chapter harmony by being friendly and helpful to its members and to newcomers
  •  Shows a willingness to cooperate and use her capabilities where needed in any phase of Sweet Adeline activities
  •  Upholds our organization and its ideas
  •  Her name should be synonymous with "Sweet Adeline"

Janet Klik

Sweet Adeline Of The Year 2017


Awarded to Janet Klik

Janet Klik is our 2017 Sweet Adeline of the Year recipient because she is completely dedicated to VFC and participates in all activities wherever she is needed. With a smile and her gentle, winning way, she is a friend to all. She is also mega-talented musically and is a great asset to the chorus.
Outside of Valley Forge Chorus, Janet is married to her wonderful and very supportive husband Greg and has a beautiful daughter, Kathryn who is a graduate of Temple University. She is also an active member of Trinity Episcopal Church in Swarthmore where she can frequently be heard as alto soloist. Janet holds a B.A. in Music from Millersville University. She is also a diehard Philadelphia Eagles fan!

Janet and Greg own their own business, Weathersby Guild Philadelphia, which handles claims inspection and furniture repair for the moving and storage industry.

More information about Janet:
  • Joined Valley Forge Chorus and Sweet Adelines International in 2013
  • Is Baritone Section Leader and member of the Music Team
  • Has served as an Officer on the VFC Board of Directors and as Show Chair 

Janet's name was engraved on the Valley Forge Chorus Sweet Adeline of Year Memorial Plate.

Darexa Cosnett

Sweet Adeline Of The Year 2016


Awarded to Darexa Cosnett

Darexa Cosnett is our 2016 Sweet Adeline of the Year recipient because she has been a tremendous leader within our Chorus.  Words such as gracious, selfless, and "a born leader" were used to describe her because she is eager to take on new projects, assist with our new costume designs, and is always there with an open heart whenever one of us is in need.
  • Resident of Lansdowne, PA with her husband Bill and has 3 grown children. 
  • Employed by IBM for 17 years where she specialized in software development.
  • High School and college professor of mathematics for 14 years prior to retiring in 2010.
  • Loves drama and directs the Drama Club at her church. She has been doing this for many years having started drama club at 4 different churches of which she has been a member.
  • Hobbies included tap dancing, running and crafting. 
  • Recently, Darexa completed the Philadelphia half-marathon and is looking forward to the Broad Street 10 mile run in May 2017. 

More information about Darexa:
  • Member of Sweet Adelines for almost 25 years and has been a member of four (4) different choruses in New York, Florida and Pennsylvania during her tenure.
  • Currently a member of the Lead section within the Valley Forge Chorus.
  • Co-Section Leader of the Lead Section
  • Secretary of the Board Of Directors
  • Contributing member of the Costume Committee
Darexa's name was engraved on the Valley Forge Chorus Sweet Adeline of Year Memorial Plate.

Anne Winner

Sweet Adeline of the Year 2015


Awarded to Anne Winner

Anne Winner is our 2015 Sweet Adeline of the Year recipient because she has been a WINNER for our Chorus by always helping behind the scenes; someone who eagerly and selflessly takes on Chorus projects and delivers results; is a joy to work with and a leader who puts the interests of Valley Forge Chorus ahead of personal recognition.

Outside of Valley Forge Chorus she’s a loving wife and mother to two beautiful children.  Employed by Chubb, she is a contributing member of the CyberSecurity product team along with the Employed Lawyers Product Manager. 

More information about Anne:
  • Joined Valley Forge Chorus and Sweet Adelines International in 2011
  • Currently sings Lead in the Valley Forge Chorus
  • Prior Chair of the Valley Forge Chorus Marketing Committee
  • Prior Chair of the Valley Forge Chorus 50th Anniversary Gala Committee
Anne's name was engraved on the Valley Forge Chorus Sweet Adeline of Year Memorial Plate.


Debbie Kirsch

Sweet Adeline of the Year 2014


Awarded to Debbie Kirsch

Debbie Kirsch was our 2014 Sweet Adeline Of The Year recipient because of her talents as a teacher; the championship personality that she displays at all times; the patience and kindness she shows to new members; and her tremendous leadership of the "Lead" section. She has sung in award-winning quartets and is known by SAI members from the time she was a barbershop brat, having joined Sweet Adelines while in high school. 

She leads the life of a busy working mother to Andrew and Patrick and loving wife to Steve - another barbershopper.

More information about Debbie:

  • Joined Sweet Adelines in 1986

  • Sang Baritone for the first 14 years before becoming a Lead.

  • Veteran member of Region 19

  • Started with Bux-Mont Chorus, next onto Spirit of Liberty Chorus, then Brandywine Chorus, and has been a proud member in Valley Forge Chorus since Jan 2010.

  • Past choreographer for the Brandywine Chorus. 

  • Former Lead of two medal winning quartets (2000 thru 2012): Late Night Harmony and Notorious.

  • Sings Lead in Mosaic Quartet, started 2015.

  • Has served as VFC's Lead Section Leader

  • Provides invaluable Private Voice Instructions (PVIs) for VFC members who strive for continued personal improvement.

  • Has contributed her talents as a member of the Music, Marketing, and Visual Committees, as well as a producer of the Clef Notes chorus newsletter

  • Actively coaches her husband Steve's award-winning quartet, Frank the Dog Quartet (Barbershop Harmony Society) http://www.frankthedog.com

Debbie's name was engraved on the Valley Forge Chorus Sweet Adeline of Year Memorial Plate