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  • Regarding Valley Forge Chorus
  • "Singing with Valley Forge is like a master class in barbershop. Thanks for the opportunity!"
    - a 2015 Valley Forge Chorus COM (Competition Only Member)

    "Fantastic!! I loved your chorus from the moment I heard them on my first visit. Congratulations on a much deserved success and I think Valley Forge should plan on performing on the International stage."

    - Linda


  • Regarding Regional Competition
  • "What an absolute thrill it was to sing with Valley Forge at contest. I'm very grateful that you gave this average singer an opportunity to be on stage with this talented group. I'm so excited that I'm actually not going to do my usual baritone thing and obsess over what I could have done better and just bask in the glow of being part of this gold medal group. It was glorious."
    - Sharon Boyer, VFC COM

    "Hello Valley Forge......Denise and Joe going to the stage three times to receive awards, medals, and applause for the chorus. How awesome is that!!! Valley Forge.....the most decorated chorus of the weekend."
    - Charlene Clarke, legacy VFC'er

    "Dear Valley Forge, Being at Regional & watching you perform both during contest and the show was WONDERFUL! You have much to be proud of! Wishing you continued success!"
    - Debbie Foster

    "As an audience member, it was SO exciting to watch the Valley Forge Chorus in their most recent competition. From the moment they walked on-stage, you could feel their energy. Their ballad had all the necessary nuances it takes to bring up the score and the up-tune moves were precise and full of fun - you could tell every chorus member was enjoying themselves. They brought their best to the contest and the entire audience responded with a standing ovation!!! Congratulations Valley Forge - your hard work and dedication came through..."
    - Mimi Brown, legacy VFC'er

    To all the friends and members of Valley Forge Chorus. Oh, what a joy it was this past weekend (May 29-May 30, 2015)! The celebration of the 50th year for the Valley Forge Chorus. Thanks to all who made this weekend memorable! What a thrill to meet all our friends of Valley Forge. What a comfort such long-time relationships provide. What an experience to be able to sing with Jan to the present chapter, and then sing with the present chapter with Gene Bender and last but not least to hear the voices of the present Valley Forge directed by Joe Spieker. WOW! GO VF!
    Congratulations on your present win and my very best to you all in Vegas I hope to see you all there, V-A-L-L-E-Y F-O-R-G-E!!!! Thank you so very much. Always,
    - Ruth Eisenhard, Charter Member


  • Regarding Sweet Adelines International
  • "I was so happy to see many young women participating so barbershop won't die out. Our membership use to be in 30K plus and it has dropped to 23K. Lets keep up our marketing efforts. After 50 years in this organization I never tire of hearing a ringing chord."
    - Alice Bell, legacy VFC'er

    "I enjoy the fun and fellowship of the ladies, and the beautiful music. Many of the members in my group I have known for years and feel comfortable singing with them. I consider my time with them to be much needed therapy!”
    - Robin Smith, Tri City Sound Chorus

    “I am so happy to have found Sweet Adelines and am telling all my sisters about the fun we have and the lovely ladies I have met so far.”
    - Cindy Phair, Suncoast Harmony Chapter

    “I have made so many wonderful new friends and the music runs through my head 24/7.“
    - Carole Ann Richards, Cincinnati Sound Chorus

    “I wish I had done it 20 years ago.”

    - Rosemary Trimpe, Grand Rapids Chorus

    ”Singing is the best therapy for lifting spirits. The music creates a positive healing flow of energy from one person to another and it is a very powerful tool in creating stable mental and physical health. Music is known to reduce stress and balance the spirit.”
    - Susan Swertfager, South Valley Sound Chorus

    “I'm a part of an awesome group of ladies. They work really hard at each rehearsal, but they have so much fun at the same time.”
    - Patti Bade, Spirit of Harmony Chorus


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