Valley Forge Directors Award

The Valley Forge Chorus Directors Award is given by the Director in recognition and appreciation of a member's contributions to the enhancement of the Valley Forge Chorus experience. The criteria for this award is at the sole discretion of the Director and how he/she chooses to recognize the various talents, efforts, and spirit of the membership. Unique and valuable contributions are made by Valley Forge Chorus members every week. Some in leadership roles, others behind the scenes. Given annually, The Directors Award celebrates one of our most appreciated members and holds them up as an example for us all. 

Ashley Hazen

Valley Forge Directors Award 2020


Awarded to Ashley Hazen

It is our pleasure to award the Valley Forge Directors Award to Ashley Hazen in recognition of her outstanding work and dedication to the Valley Forge Chorus.   Ashley's consistent willingness to serve the needs of the chorus, her ever present Valley Forge pride, and her seemingly effortless ability to exceed expectations in various leadership positions, are an inspiration and example to us all.  

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